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 Royed GM Application

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PostSubject: Royed GM Application   Mon Mar 23, 2009 4:34 pm

User Details

Name (Last name not needed):Delroy
Name On game Byakuya Kuchiki



Time Zone: united states

AIM Username (If you do not have this, please input N/A):n/a

MSN Username (If you do not have this, please input


Email Address (MUST have this! If this is not present, application

automatically denied):royed11@hotmail or www.royroy@inbox.com

Post what position you want to fill:Game Master Or Enforcer Or

Whatever You Want Me To Do

Questions (Must Answer)

1. Why do you think you should be chosen? (At least 4-5 sentences):
first i would like to be one of many people to help out with this game.

Second i like to test games and i want to be part of the community.

Third i want to see the game so i can add more ideas to forums and i can

help with ideas for you guys.

fourth i like the whole staff i want to test cause i like to pertisapate.

2. Why do you think you will not be chosen? (At least 4-5 sentences):
first there are some people that probobly deserve it more than me

i just might not get it

third people probably dont like me

fourth i might not have made a good enough application

3. Do you have any experience? If so, where at? (Please only working

sites, if you have no moderator experience, please input N/A):n/a

4. How have you been helping the game and site grow bigger and better?

How have you been promoting? (If you have not then please input N/A)
well i like to promote on the little games me and my cousin make at times

we make games on byond and a game called tibia i announce the forums

on privte servers

5. What are you doing that is making the game better? (If you have not

then please input N/A)i post forum games to have fun i see what people

like and i like to welcome them to this sighn i like to post ideas


Note: In all the hypotheticals, you are online, and you are the ONLY

STAFF MEMBER ON (except for question #3). Also, they should be at

least 2 sentences long.

1. There is a member who just joined 5 minutes ago. He has already

broken four minor rules (all the same rule). What do you do? well i alert

him i try to tell him that the rules are pressured and we should keep this a

cool inviorment. I would tell him he is now on been warned since it was

4 rules he would pay the price if it happend agin.

2. Now there is a member who has just broken a major rule, such as a

racial comment. What do you do? i explain to him the rules and how we

dont allow this kind of behavior. then i would tell him we would like

more members but if you are breaking a whole lot of rules then he

should not be here especially if its racial.

3. You see another moderator on, and he/she is abusing their moderation

powers. What do you do? i would tell a staff member to let that person

know that no matter who they are there are still rules to fallow. if they

cant obey they should lose there privliges not to be mean but they would

be set on probation first time they abuse there power.

Probation:the person loses here power for a minor 3 days and if they can

stay cool and log in all thoes days to know they are doing rigt they get

there power back let it happen agin and no more power for that person.

4. A member is fussing and complaining about anything stupid

(Example: He/she is saying another member called them a name), what

should you do and not do?i will resolve it by hearing both sides of the

story if there are any witnesses then i would confirm it then i would

explain the rules and be fair with a warning.

5. A member disagrees with you and says they will tell an Admin. You

go on with your day, and an Admin comes online and PM's/IM's you

and asked for your side of the story. What would you say? well i would

say we had an argument when a staff member disagreed with me and

he/she said they would tell on me.

6. Your best friend is online, and he/she breaks a few rules. What would

you do? i would let him know that even if we are friends you break the

rules you face consequenses i let him know what he did was wrong and

him being my friend id explain the rules the first time he joined so he

would go on bannment for a day

7. A member has posted a virus on the forums. What do you do?
i try my bet to get rid of the virus and if i do i go to the person that led

the virus to happen see i he new he did it and then i would punnish him

with a week of bannment if he knew he did it if he didnt know hed get

probation any other viruses hes gone

8. A member accidentally goes off topic/starts a thread in the wrong

section. What do you do? i let them know that hes in the wrong topic

remind him to go to the rright topic and move his thread.

9. A user is trolling (Def: Only came to cause trouble). What should you

i would let him know that we dont need any trolling on our forums or

game if he cant get his act together then he will have to go

Additional Comments (Please give at least 1 sentence of additional

comments): i hope i made a good application my other sucked after i

took a look at others i know i need to impress

If you follow all these guidelines and answer them truthfully, then you

have a better chance of being accepted
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PostSubject: Re: Royed GM Application   Fri Nov 25, 2011 3:50 am

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Royed GM Application
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