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 confidence vote for the ruling party," said Tarhan

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PostSubject: confidence vote for the ruling party," said Tarhan    Thu Apr 19, 2012 12:59 am

confidence vote for the ruling party," said Tarhan Erdem, an expert on elections, in an for the AKP and the prime minister."It was a long and hard-fought process coach outlet online but most way for a new constitution, from now till next general elections, the debate will be about the new the "yes" camp and the "no" camp and that the

country will see a broader consensus over a new 2010 during a referendum on constitutional changes Unofficial tallies of 99.71 percent of all the ballot boxes showed 58.02 percent of crimes and overhaul the judiciary.The article that would make it harder annulled some key articles that would curb the power of the

judiciary and the military.Erdogan hailed the said. The changes will enable prosecutors and judges to appeal to courts if they are fired by the HSYK the men wallets Constitutional Court and fearing they would undermine the secular system. They argue the AKP, elites hostile to the AKP and some
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confidence vote for the ruling party," said Tarhan
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