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 months.The summer commute in Tokyo is even

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PostSubject: months.The summer commute in Tokyo is even    Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:07 am

coming months.The summer commute in Tokyo is even more stifling this year. A power shortage means air conditioners are being switched offcoach outlet online As temperatures build to the mid-30s centigrade, bosses have being asked to slash power consumption by 15 per cent. Latest figures show the Japanese are

sacrificesTokyo’s so-called salarymen say the energy conservation measures are making life tough.One The air conditioning has been turned down, the lights are kept low, and at lunchtime everything is turned because of the strength of the yen, but I believe things will slowly get better."Following the meltdown at

the Fukushima nuclear plant, 38 other reactors were taken offline - pending tests on their capability to losses of $1.4 billion for the financial designer gucci shoes quarter following the quake. However, company spokesman Paul Nolasco said the outlook is positive."In March we were basically not making cars. So not only have our
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months.The summer commute in Tokyo is even
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